This track was recorded live by Kara Keith and Jen Reimer in their Montreal studio in the dead of winter 2015. It is a party jam that is never played the same way twice. Canadian experimental electronic music duo UN was formed in Montreal in 2011. They make live techno with analogue instruments, vocal looping techniques and various hardware to create a raw, industrial, cold wave sound. Kara Keith's repetitive motifs dance together like colourful kaleidoscopes and are undulated by Jen Reimer's constant driving bass drum. With hypnosis as their guiding force they have created trance music while in a trance and dance music while dancing.
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Judith Juillerat
Judith Juillerat is making music in her home studio in the French small town of Besançon near the Jura mountains. She exposed her music to the public for the first time in early 2005, when she won the remix contest for Björks "Army Of Me" put on by Unicef, against 600 other contestants. Her first album "Soliloquy" ( Shitkatapult ) was produced without a computer. She plays with old and new analog and digital synthesizers and beat boxes, a mini sampler, effect machines and a microphone as well as with acoustic instruments such as the piano and guitar. Track by track, she puts her songs and sound-scapes together using a multi-track recorder. She's now working on her new album, « Nooks & Crannies ».
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Androgynous look, rock attitude, punk-diva, 80's beats conjured up with electronic machines and a synthesizer. MADmoizel influences are clear: David Bowie, Laurie Anderson, Nina Hagen, New Order, Nick Cave... and many more. Surrounded by her machines, she provides a powerful live act swinging between undergound expressionism to a new-wave dancefloor. Since 2012, she has performed on European stages and shared gigs with : Kas Product, Anne Clark, C.A.R, Cocorosie, Camilla Sparksss, Prosumer... and recorded 2 Eps in Germany: "Dame de France" (2010) / "Lady Dandy" (2012).
Next Ep « Machinery » soon
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As pop performer, Elmapi has created a powerful blend of raw material and a deep sense of voice. She is an electro-pop alchemist, taking found sound and 'wild sound' and bringing it to lyrically interact with intense vocals and rhythm. Elmapi just release the EP "Circé" on Lentonia Records . Elmapi also writes electronic music scores for contemporary dance troupes or the experimental science fiction feature "1,2,3, Whiteout, the End of the Light Age" (2007), for which she also played a devilish minor role. Elmapi (Elise Pierre) runs the Parisian record label Lentonia Records with EDH (Emmanuelle de Hericourt), which specializes in female composers.
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Tuxedo Gleam
Tuxedo Gleam is a cold wave/minimal/experimental synth duo based in Modesto,Ca. They have released 2 records and been featured on numerous compilations. TG are currently working on a full length record with hopes of a late summer/autumn release. The duo consists of Aunt Gleam(synthesizers, drum programming, voice) and Angel Marie (synthesizers, voice). "Cold to the touch, sharp as razor wire...In search of a subject....object of desire." "Everything drenched in 80’s pastiche but with the colorfulness of the gleaming neon-colors that stream through sonically. Include this into a pop-oriented and energetic sound which could have those of us least interested in dancing, swinging around our hands as if we’re the swines of the night. A sound which is in no need of change and which only heeds to the hedonism of the night." -via Repartiseraren.
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EDH (Emmanuelle de Héricourt) is a french singer/songwriter. Her unique sound combines her disembodied and fragile voice with strong and driving melodies. During the past decade, she has maintained amazingly prolific pace, composing and recording non-stop, releasing only a fraction of her output. This includes her acclaimed contributions to Hypo’s albums (on the label Active Suspension) and “The Correct Use of Pets”, winner of the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards (2006). Since her return to Paris from New York in 2003, she has released several small treasures. In 2008 she joined Elise Pierre in operating the Parisian record label Lentonia Records, which specializes in female composers.EDH's most recent release was the album Lava Club (2014).
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Julie has recorded music under the name of Lispector since 1996 (after the Brazilian writer Clarice Lispector). This freethinking globetrotter from the south of France has translated her homemade one-woman-quiet-riot into numerous self-released cassettes and privately pressed releases since 1996, armed with a handful of Yamaha keyboards, a sequencer, a drum machine and a electric guitar. Almost 20 years after the release of her first tape, Lispector keeps recording at home, and although the instruments and the technology used have changed, the joy of experimenting and creating small but meaningful musical projects remains the same. Many many things are on her Website!

Olivia Neutron-John
Raw, glittering, psychedelic...Olivia Neutron- John, is a non-binary, post-bro one person music/dance declaration of war on the accepted and the expected."Bubble bobble meets Malaria!" -James Fella, Gilgongo Record s"Liquid sky from the 21st century!" -Chris Callahan, Sexual Milkshake "Must see neo-reality TV!" -Ian Svenonius, Psychic Soviet Olivia Neutron-John is based in Washington D.C
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Crysta Patterson and Voiski aka Kartei worked together only once before, putting out a well received 12” on W.T. Records back in 2011. Voiski has been active for years, working under a number of aliases and releasing on labels like Field, L.I.E.S. and Syncrophone. The duo started their cyber technopop act in 2007, performing contextual actions on more alternative scenes. Their working ethos is based on collecting data from the internet to create new material. Data and songs are preserved into their server systematically.
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Alex June
Alejandra Felmer better known by her stage name Alex June is a Chilean artist and musician, born in France but raised in Chile. She spreads her dark-pink field, both dramatic and galactic which fully weaves into her music with the imagery she handles with mastery. Accompanied by some 80’s synth like « Giorgio Moroder » or « Kraftwerk », Alex June's first album “Big Bang” release on Lentonia Records mixes her diva-like voice with new minimalist, glam'pop influences like Grimes
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Tamara Goukassova
Tamara Goukassova is a classically trained violinist who made her debut in electronica bands in the late 90’s, before turning to pop music with The Konki Duet, then to coldwave with the group Strasbourg. She also worked with Marklion and Cosmic Control on various occasions. After recording several songs and covers, she now embarks on her first true solo project
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In opal fields, you have to pierce through layers of rock to discover a gem. Opale’s first album, L'incandescent, holds a single direction throughout the 35 minute duration and is graciously supported with a band of cold and melancholic analog keyboards and soft, haunting voices. Nowhere to go and nothing to feel is the single story sung in English, French, and Spanish. Through cities of light and the waking of lost spirits, Opale will take you on a trip that may be your last.
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La Chatte
The three-headed musical creature La Chatte was born in 2003 in Paris, formed by Stéphane Argillet aka Stereovoid, Vava Dudu and Nicolas Jorio. After releasing a first self-produced “pink” album in 2004, they focused on their live performance, criss crossing all over Europe. They released two album with Tsunami Addiction, “Bastet” (2011) and “Crash Ocean” (2013). The sound of La Chatte was shaped on stage through numerous improvised live sessions, incidental mix of techniques and accidental connivances. Most of their songs, even when put on their records, still evolve, change form, lose their intention or die as natural living creatures. Aquatic guitar inspirations, extreme expressionist singing and crystalline electronics geometries lead La Chatte along winding, deliquescent and wild music paths
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Heather Celeste Hansen
More recently on the web, Heather also goes by the Moniker of Bruyere. She experiments with bringing the Wide headroom and Stereo into Minimal wave, Synth wave, and electro vintage mono genres from the 80s, emphasizing enhanced textures of percussion. Her "ether wobbling" between unsettled ambient and cold-wave goes head to head with emaciated electronic and synthetic melody, making a topography of convoluted rythm language. Currently producing Dark techno, Detroit, Minimal wave and Deep Minimal Ambient House Heather currently resides in New England US, though originally from the West Coast, where she is intending to return. Her next release "Modern Death" is due to be released later 2015.
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Mirage Garage
"Mirage Garage” has a blog
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Kim Ki O
Creating dark pop in Istanbul, Turkey, since 2006, kim ki o is influenced and driven by the inequality, unjustness, selfishness, and failure that surrounds the two member group. After releasing "Grounds" in 2013 through Lentonia Records, the band put out "Bir, İki...", a compilation that brings together early songs from 2007 and 2008 through US based Ss Records.
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